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Roasted Mushrooms

Roasted Mushrooms

With balsamic vinegar and parsley

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The mushrooms are roasted in the oven and then heartily and brightly seasoned.


For best results, place the sealed package in the refrigerator to thaw for about half a day before your meal, or overnight. If your plans change, the chilled and sealed package will last up to 3 days in the fridge.

If you need it faster, bathe the sealed package in warm water for a few minutes until partially thawed, then heat it for a little bit longer than usual.

Once defrosted, open and discard the packaging in the compost or organic bin.

Reheat the mushrooms as follows:

  • Remove vegetables from the package and heat in a pot - medium heat, with lid, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes.
  • Alternatively, add to a suitable container in the microwave - 800W, about 5 minutes.

If necessary, loosen with a little water. Season with salt as needed.


Champignon mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (red wine vinegar, grape must - contains sulfites), parsley, salt.

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