handmade food

Hey, we’re Frizza and we’re there for you!

Our mission is provide you with quality food at a fair price with a sustainable service and made with integrity.

We can see it!

You want to accomplish something. You work hard, get involved, set up projects and goals. You’re committed to yourself, the people in your life and the society you live in.

And we know it: you’d rather not sacrifice proper nutrition for it, but you’ve got so little time, you’re missing the energy after a long day...and you also forgot to go grocery shopping. Nonetheless, a home-cooked meal would be just perfect - tasty, healthy and fuss-free. 

Here’s where Frizza comes into play. We provide you with the fuel: a diverse choice of ready-to-eat meals, carefully cooked starting from high-quality, seasonal ingredients only. No frills, just nourishing, balanced and deliciously seasoned.

Frozen food in a compostable package and delivered to your door

Get yourself a curated meal - wholesome, tasty and with minimal effort - and go back to reaching your goals.

Fast, easy and sustainable

1. We deliver it to your home or office, frozen and vacuum sealed, so that you don’t have to think about taste and shelf life.

2. Defrost it overnight in the refrigerator, heat it for a few minutes in a pan or in the microwave, add your personal finishing touch if you feel like it...or don’t. Done.

3. Oh, and did you know that our package is 100% compostable? This means you’re not creating a single gram of waste.

We oversee the entire process

Our ingredients are thoughtfully-sourced and we cook all dishes entirely from scratch.

Quality guarantee

⊛ We only buy basic ingredients (some fresh, some dried) and process them thoroughly. This means that we also make our own stocks and sauces and that we do not use any convenience products, nothing pre-cut or pre-cooked and no weird “powders”.

⊛ We source the few unavoidable concessions to this rule (for example cheese or pasta) either from small producers or high quality brands.

⊛ We try to maximize the biggest advantage of deep-freezing, the long shelf life, by always buying and processing saisonal groceries, which means vegetables and fruits that are at the height of their ripeness and flavor. We also process them as carefully as possible, in order to bring all of their qualities to your table.

⊛ We buy locally or regionally everything we can. We strive to build long lasting, strong relationships to suppliers and producers in Berlin and Brandeburg, in particular small operations, because such partnerships can be of great value for both sides and an example of sustainability in action.

But: all these promises are not just empty claims nor dogmas. We believe that they represent the unavoidable path to offer you a nutritious, hassle-free meal - inherently decent in its production, but simply convenient and tasty when you experience it.

Why frozen

Frozen is fantastic for many reasons:

⊛ It allows you to store your meal in your freezer so you can eat it at any time, any day

⊛ It results in less food waste

⊛ Freezing locks in flavor, quality and nutrients

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